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One of the greatest ministry updates JEM can share with you is the result of our recent End-time Outreach in Pinar del Río. What a revival!

1287 people accepted the Lord Jesus by faith! Yes! Glory to God! We were part of one of the greatest miracles of the Lord, his salvation to us! Working with 4 churches in the Pinar del Río area, JEM brought a team from America and local full time missionaries to share the Gospel. We worked in two churches in San Juan y Martinez, 1 church in Pinar del Rio city and 1 church in the surroundings of Pinar city. We are sure the power came not from the good sermons the preachers spoke, but for the mercy of the Lord who answered our prayers. For a month, we were organizing this event and praying about it. The churches were involved in a great prayer campaign prior to the event and the results were notable when we started walking through the cities sharing the Gospel. Let me share with you some details.

Working on the streets. As we walked to people's houses, doors were open for us to come in and share with them "the message" we had for them. People agreed about their sinful life and accepted Jesus sacrifice for them. However, we were amazed with the fact the people started to cry as soon as we started to pray to God for salvation. Many people prayed their personal prayer and some asked us to guide them, but when people started to cry in the middle of the prayers it got my attention. We were able to preach at two barbershops and even the barbers stop working to listen to us. Then those people coming to the night service at the Temple showed me they were truly looking for something. There are many people in need, and many people that need to hear the Gospel. During the day labor, we cleaned two houses of idols. Two people who surrendered their life to the Lord made the decision to get rid of their idols. On Sunday night at the church we burned the idols and all kinds of dark items and books in the Name of the Lord Jesus. The Bible fulfills once again: "Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men…" Act 19:19

Night service. The night service was also a challenge on our faith. To see a full crowded temple like this. A full house, all the seats taken, people seated on the floor, or standing in the aisles, or looking thru the windows. The pastor decided to take the kids directly to the back area from the beginning of the service instead of the usual time, which is prior to the sermon. On Sunday night, the church was packed by the time we got there we could not even find a clear path to the front, and to our surprise, while wondering how to get to the front, another 60 people show up, brought by a missionary. The pastor had to ask the members of the church to give their seats for the guest people who just arrived.

Testimonies. Many interesting people came forward to the altar during this event. We can tell you a high-ranking police official came forward during the night service. No one knew about him until the church visited him during the past week on the follow up, and he opened his life to them and told them who he was and that he wanted to be part of the church and agreed to attend a small group weekly meeting. A high-ranking person on the human rights opposite party. This young and strong man came to meet the pastor after the event was over and crying opened his heart to him forgiving all his enemies. Another man who was known and called "The fraud" also came to the altar, he end up getting rid of his idols the next day, and even brought his wife the next Sunday.

(We will produce a video clip of this outreach soon)

Future Plans. We have schedule 4 more JEM End-time outreaches to Cuba next year. Please continue to pray for our missionary family in Cuba, Rolando and Maday Muñiz-Bueno. They are planning to take a trip to Mexico in November. Brother Rolando is taking 13 pastors and leaders with their wives to a Pastoral Congress. They have been also invited to come to the States for a week in December, please pray for them as they find grace before the US officer to issue them a visa.


Watch a summary video of Santiago de Cuba March 2016 outreach bellow.



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