Nerly 3000 people make decision to trust the Lord!

This was the first of the trips we took in 2013 as part of our special emphasis on winning souls in Latin America, Ukaine and Israel and. It was a ten day Evangelistic Outreach trip into Guatemala. TO THE GLORY OF GOD WE SAW NEARLY THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE MAKE DECISIONS TO TRUST THE LORD. Our team was able to speak in schools, preach on the street, take advantage of an amphitheatre, block off the streets and preach, and witness one on one in the street. Over 10-thousand tracts were handed out. Brother Benach was interviewed on radio stations that broadcast into three different countries. Some of our work was done in 108 degree heat.



The highlight of the trip was our being able to preach to over 12-hundred Police Cadets at their Academy. The men and women marched in formation and sat down on the ground to hear the Word of God. At the end, over 500 men prayed and professed that they had accepted Christ as their Savior.





We held programs in eleven different schools.  Each school has a different teacher and principal who allowed us to come in and plainly tell the students about the Lord Jesus.  The children, many who may not live to finish primary school, patiently listened as we sang and gave a clear presentation of the Gospel.  Afterwards we asked them if they wanted to receive Christ and hundreds of them prayed aloud with us.  Only the Lord knows their hearts, but we were thankful we could present Jesus to them.  Probably none of them would ever hear this at home.


The last day Brother Benach was taken to a local coffee shop and spent several hours witnessing to a Jewish man formally from Israel.  He was under conviction and kept rolling his napkin in his hand over and over as Brother Benach debated with him about the Messiah.  While not making a decision, he indicated that he wanted to talk again in another ocassion. There are many open doors there to reach Jews and Gentiles for Christ.


We thank those who gave toward our work in Guatemala. May the Lord bless you for helping us and being so understanding about our needs.  We greatly appreciate all of your prayers for our important End-Time work.


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"Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved". Romans 10:1

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