Reaching into the Uttermost of Cuba

We have been traveling to the country of Cuba for thirteen years now.   Every trip we have made has resulted in hundreds of people making professions of faith.  I cannot explain why the Lord has allowed us to see great numbers of people saved over these 36 years of ministry, but we pray that it would continue for many more years.  We began first, in the Ukraine for 15 years, seeing over 70-thousand people, including hundreds of Jewish people, sign decision cards saying they were trusting Christ for the very first time. 

Now, we are holding  meetings in cities across Cuba, which is resulting in peoples lives being changed. Our last Outreach in November of 2017 saw 829 people receive Christ. Devil worshipers are receiving Christ and giving their idols to be burned.  Churches are being revived and enlarged by our Outreaches  The Churches were overflowed with people who came to hear the Word.  The Pastors are begging us to return to help their cities, and we will, by the grace of God, and your help!

There is, however, a new opportunity that is before us that we must act on while the doors to Cuba are open.

There are many cities of big size that do not have even one Baptist Church in it.   Our plan is to buy a truck that would take missionaries to numerous cities without  a Church, every weekend for a year. The truck would drop off up to 30 missionaries into each of the several cities each weekend, leaving them in the morning and picking them up in the evening.  They would go door to door soul-winning, and then those who have made decisions will meet at a local Christians house to begin a Church.  In November we purchased one truck, as well as a motorcycle with a cart that will carry up to 10 missionaries to different "Uttermost cities"


In order to do reach out to the cities without Churches and  holding other Outreaches we need your urgent help.  We am calling this project, “Reaching unto the Uttermost”   The need we have right now is for at least $40,000 to conduct all these ministries. This is not for us but the Cuban people’s souls.

 The cost of buying a truck is $18,500!   WE desperately need your help

During our other large Outreaches we bring in hundreds of national Missionaries, provide them with food and lodging, provide transportation to bring people to the meetings, print thousands of flyers, and assist the Churches with materials and financial support.  We also have our own travel expenses and lodging.   The missionaries we bring in are experienced soul-winners and have a desire to see Cuba won to Christ

I know I have asked for your help over and over, and urge you to help us again!  Every penny goes toward the Evangelistic efforts.  You have seen the results, and share in the rewards.   All I can do is plead with you to help us with a sacrificial offering to see the Cuban people come to Christ.

PLEASE HELP US REACH INTO THE UTTERMOST PART OF CUBA AND WIN SOULS TO OUR LORD!  Without you, we can not conduct this work.  Thank you for all you have done in the past.

Your servant in Christ,

Henry A. Benach
President and Founder, Jewish End-time Ministries


Please help us reach the lost souls in Cuba!

Please send all tax-deductible gifts to JEM “Project Reaching into the Uttermost".
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"Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved". Romans 10:1

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