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To The Jew First, In America !

For 27 years now we have been involved in conducting large mass meetings in countries around the world.  In the background, however, has been a very active outreach to Jewish people in various places.

In areas where there are not full time Jewish workers, JEM has been involved with local Churches to educate them on how to witness to their Jewish friends and neighbors.  Through a program called “End-time Outreach Fellowships we have brought together church members to meet on a monthly basis to pray for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  The members of these fellowships have invited their Jewish friends to attend these meetings to learn more about the Jewish Messiah, Jesus.

If your Church is interested in forming an End-time Outreach Fellowship please contact us here at JEM.

In addition, all JEM workers are actively working to reach out to Jewish people in the communities where they live.

JEM also conducts Jewish Evangelism Conference to teach local churches on the proper methods of sharing their faith with their Jewish friends. We would be honored to come to your church. Please contact us at the phone number below for further information.

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